Emotional Intelligence at Work
Emotional Intelligence Leadership Development


Coaching, Assessments and Consulting

organizational consulting

We have years of experience helping leaders at all levels in the workplace develop their emotional intelligence and understand their impact at work. We will first learn about you and your organization’s needs. Often organizations need support building effective workplace relationships, addressing conflict or retention of employees. Through the process of learning about your company we make recommendations for interventions designed specifically for you. These changes may include individualized coaching and professional skills development that will create lasting change in your company.

team coaching

Teams that have higher levels of emotional intelligence will preform twice as well as their less productive counterparts as noted by Daniel Goleman. Following the individual ESCI Assessment, a composite assessment of your team’s emotional intelligence levels is provided. We lead a meeting with you and your team to discuss the results and suggest ideas for ways to become more effective as a team. This powerful experience helps you understand the team’s overall emotional intelligence.

university & academic EI Development

Specific University designed Emotional Intelligence assessment ESCI-U with follow up coaching. Perfect for undergraduate, graduate students or university staff who are involved in the learning process. We know now more than ever it isn’t just the technical skills students need to be successful in the workplace. Students must be able to work well with others while also staying motivated on the job. Developing their emotional intelligence through their educational experience gives them an advantage when moving into the workforce.